What are digital assets?

Digital Assets are assets that exist in digital form and provide users with usage permissions or ownership. Data that lacks usage permissions or ownership is not considered a Digital Asset.

After Blockchain technology emerged, Digital Assets now referred to assets that have investment value such asTokens and NFTs created using Blockchain technology.

In a Web3 game, Tokens and NFTs are used as in-game economic assets. The player can own or trade these in-game assets.


Tokens are assets that are issued to the Blockchain. A Token that you own has the same asset value as a Token owned by someone else, so it can be exchanged.

In a Web3 game, Tokens are used as the medium to trade game items. Players can obtain Tokens by playing games and use them to purchase in-game items with Tokens.

NFT(Non-Fungible Token)

NFTs are assets issued on the Blockchain and are referred to as irreplaceable Tokens. Since an NFT that you own is unique in itself, it holds a distinct asset value compared to an NFT that someone else.

In a Web3 game, NFTs are used to represent game items and characters. Players can make money by freely trading their NFTs in the marketplace.

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