What is Blockchain?

A Blockchain is a digital storage where data is recorded. The same data is stored on multiple computers that are connected to the network.

Since numerous computers share and manage data collectively, it is impossible for someone to forge data because they would have to alter data stored in all the computers. This is why, once data is recorded on the Blockchain, it is preserved indefinitely.

Anyone can verify data recorded on the Blockchain through a Blockchain website.

Thus, ownership of game assets recorded on the Blockchain is guaranteed to be transparent and permanent.

If a player wants to save a game token or NFT on the Blockchain, they have to pay Blockchain usage fees. This usage fee is distributed as management compensation costs to the numerous computers that manage Blockchain data. The usage fee maintains the Blockchain system and prevents users from abusing Blockchain resources.

The usage fee of the SUI Blockchain, developed by Pebble, is designed to be affordable so that users can effectively utilize Blockchain functions. Thanks to this design, more users can connect to Pebble, experience Blockchain services, and use them freely.

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