What is a Wallet?

If you’re new to the Web3 world, the first thing you’ll need is a Wallet. A Wallet is necessary for owning and trading Tokens or NFTs.

Have you found it difficult to create a Web3 Wallet before? With Pebble, a Wallet is created instantly, if you log in with a social media account or sign up via email.

Pebble Wallet makes things easy! Even if this is your first time using a Web3 Wallet, all you need to know is your Wallet Address, and you can start trading digital assets right away.

What is a Wallet Address?

A Wallet Address is a string of characters, comprising letters and numbers, used for conducting transactions involving digital assets.

You can send Tokens or NFTs to any other Wallet Address. You can also receive Tokens or NFTs to your Wallet Address from others.

A Wallet Address varies by blockchain. A Pebble Wallet Address is comprised of a combination of 64 letters and numbers.

What is a Recovery Phrase?

A Recovery Phrase is a unique, randomly generated three-word phrase that is used to recover your Pebble Wallet. If you already have a Pebble Wallet and wish to use it on a new phone. You can access your Wallet only by entering the Recovery Phrase.

When your Pebble Wallet is created, a Recovery Phrase is sent to your email address.

Keep your Recovery Phrase private to stay safe.

If you lose your Recovery Phrase, you lose the ability to access your Pebble Wallet on a new device. While others cannot access your Wallet with just the Recovery Phrase, we recommend you don’t store your Phrase on a digital device or an online storage system like the Cloud, as others can easily access it.

Never tell anyone your Recovery Phrase. Pebble never requests Recovery Phrases from our users.

Make sure to keep your Recovery Phrase in a safe place and activate 2FA for your Pebble account and Wallet’s security.

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